Web applications

More or less innovative applications, visible from a web browser. They can be used to manage your warehouse, online sales, integration with your accounting system and much more - sky is the limit!

What is a web application?

A browser application (or web application) is an application that runs in a browser, which is designed to provide the user with some specific service. It differs from a website in that it allows the user to interact more (you can, for example: send, receive, save data). To summarize: website = information, while web application = interaction

In our view, software development is a process, so in addition to the code itself, we deliver a lot of value along the way:

  • Business workshops

    We understand that new software is an investment that needs to be thought through and based on a researched problem (yours/your company's or your client's). We support you in this from the beginning, minimizing the financial outlay - we present the analysis and conclusions of the workshop each time in the form of a report and concept, on which we base the offer.

  • Funding

    We work with offices writing proposals, often co-writing them ourselves. We know how to conduct and well account for a project based on external funding.

  • Content writing

    Together we will build the content and create the sales of your project (including at an earlier stage financial projections, projected maintenance costs, customer segments, etc. under which we will tailor the landing page - the sales page of your product/service)

  • Your own in-house team in the future

    As your business grows, we will help recruit your own development team, and then hold them accountable for their work and ensure the quality of the product

  • Warranty and support

    Warranties, service hours, and 6 months of maintaining your application on our servers for free (in turn, we guarantee the best price for maintenance on our server)

Why Nebu?

Nebula is a cloud of interstellar dust and gas, in places clumping together in dense clusters that are the cradle of new stars

- Wikipedia

Our technologies

We always select technologies for each project individually, no less, the greatest experience we have working with JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular) and on the backend side – Node and Java (including Spring). We will prepare a separate technical specification for each client, so that the project is reliable, secure and fast. We will justify the specific technology choices before starting the work, anticipating all questions and needs.

What types of web applications can be found?

There are as many web applications as there are clients, no less some of the most popular include:

  • HR applications - used to recruit employees.
  • Announcement applications - are used to post offers to perform services, as well as to sell products or real estate.
  • Booking apps - allow you to book accommodations and appointments, as well as make payments for your bookings.
  • E-learning applications - are used for exercises, repetitions, tests, to learn or control progress.
  • ERP systems - these applications are designed to organize work, such as warehousing or procurement.
  • CRM systems - or Customer Relationship Managmet systems. These are applications used in companies to streamline work and are connected to other systems in the company (e.g. quoting system).
  • Sales applications - allow you to make purchases, conduct auctions and other sales transactions.

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