Happy Startup Story

TherapyCave - online psychotherapy application

As a software house, we have experience not only strictly in technology, but also in business, as shown in particular by the TherapyCave project - it was the first startup accelerated in our company.

Startup idea

We are very pleased to brag about this project, for the reason that it demonstrates our versatility, experience, paved paths to startup success, and above all – plenty of energy for action. The idea for the project was born thanks to a mix of several talents and a desire to support the therapy market during the pandemic – all this we as Nebucode have combined, building a useful application, used by clinic networks.

Implemented solution

As opposed to incubators and other software houses that help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, we create and launch our own projects from initial concept to a specific business goal, through sales, bootstrap or vc route.

While each successful venture is different, there is one thing they all have in common – proper timing.


We started building TherapyCave during the very beginning of the pandemic. Being aware of the fact that time is the key and most important resource of any company, in just 3 weeks from the start of the project, we built the graphic identity, MVP (i.e. the initial prototype of the project) and together with our mentors prepared the project presentations (the so-called pitch deck). This allowed us to find a private investor expressly, which allowed us to better manage the work in the team and, ultimately, to get involved in the Startup Mine competition and then win it (i.e. PLN 100k prize). As Nebucode, our team of experts keeps abreast of events and contests, creating breakdowns and analyzing the chances of winning on an ongoing basis.


In the next 3 months, we built a ready-made mobile app along with a simple therapist panel, accessible from the browser app. Soon after, our team found a private clinic network to purchase the project.

Applied technogies

To work with the project, we proposed the above mentioned programming stack (a.k.a. stack, meaning the technologies selected for the project). The choice of React, NextJS, GraphQL and PostreSQL was motivated by factors such as:


    🧷  Great ecosystem of technology – lots of libraries, ongoing bug fixes, updates, and confidence that the technology will be maintained for decades (React is updated by Facebook – currently Meta)
    🧷  Easy to maintain code transparency, which, combined with good documentation, makes the project maintainable for any software company and developer
    🧷  Very fast loading application screens – even under 0.5 seconds.
    🧷  Low ongoing maintenance costs

Revolutionary solution, supporting not only the therapy market, but directly people and their problems

- Mayor of the City of Katowice, Marcin Krupa (during the awards ceremony of the "Startup Mine" competition)

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