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Smart Optimizer - integration of energy saving tool

Smart Optimizer is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions we have ever developed. This IoT (Internet of Things) product integrates energy-efficient devices with a mobile app, helping to reduce energy consumption.

Customer's problem

The Smart Optimizer team has developed an energy-saving tool for hotels and restaurants. Wanting to popularize the idea of energy saving throughout society and make this technology available to individual users as well, they asked us to further digitize their solution, making it more intuitive and convenient.

Implemented solution

According to the guidelines, we proposed the appearance of the new solution, prepared a prototype, along with the electronics. Subsequently, we also took part in promotional actions - we participated in recording material for the kickstarter platform. In addition, together with Feigin Electric, the creator of the tool, we successfully signed a contract with Dominos Pizza to sell more than 300 units of the devices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

We took a very active role in the overall work, creating, integrating and building new solutions from scratch. Based on our experience, we developed the following products for the Smart Optimizer team:


    📌  Case prototype and electronics arrangement
    📌  Integration of existing electronics
    📌  Production of a mobile application available for download from the Google Play and App Stores
    📌  Kickstarter campaign design

Applied technologies

To work with the project, we proposed the above mentioned programming stack (a.k.a. stack, meaning the technologies selected for the project). The choice of React, NextJS, GraphQL and PostreSQL was motivated by factors such as:


    🧷  Great ecosystem of technology – lots of libraries, ongoing bug fixes, updates, and confidence that the technology will be maintained for decades (React is updated by Facebook – currently Meta)
    🧷  Easy to maintain code transparency, which, combined with good documentation, makes the project maintainable for any software company and developer
    🧷  Very fast loading application screens – even under 0.5 seconds.
    🧷  Low ongoing maintenance costs

The final result was user-friendly and required no additional comments. During the project, Nebucode communicated and responded to our needs very efficiently and without problems. To sum up the cooperation, we were satisfied with the company’s timeliness and professionalism.

- Founder & CEO, Feigin Electric, Andrew Dmitrev

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