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Gamegoods - ecommerce custom solution

Gamegoods is a store created for all collectors of figurines related to computer games and pop-culture characters.

Customer's problem

In 2021, the Gamegoods brand faced some sizable challenges such as significant increase in sales, stuttering of the site, not logically arranged elements on the page and many more technical ones, which along with scale, have begun to affect conversions and customer satisfaction.

Implemented solution

Due to performance issues and previous attempts to resuscitate the existing store, we decided that we would create a new, dedicated e-commerce platform for the client from scratch, based on our proprietary engine.

We divided the work on the project into several stages:


    1️⃣   Analysis of the current solution – for this purpose we installed a special plug-in at the time, tracking user movements
    2️⃣   Dissecting the needed existing and new functionalities, along with a work schedule
    3️⃣   Work with the client’s graphic designer to design a clickable graphic design (screen drawings that the user later sees)
    4️⃣   Our favorite part, that is, programming 😀 – a big plus was that some, already existing code we could rewrite and update for new requirements, thus optimizing the work
    5️⃣   Finally, thorough testing and handing over the project
    ♾️  Maintenance, warranty and ongoing support


The result of our work is a new, customer-pleasing, refreshed version of the store, based on modern technologies. Such realizations we like the most!

Applied technogies

To work with the project, we proposed the above mentioned programming stack (a.k.a. stack, meaning the technologies selected for the project). The choice of React, NextJS, GraphQL and PostreSQL was motivated by factors such as:


    🧷  Great ecosystem of technology – lots of libraries, ongoing bug fixes, updates, and confidence that the technology will be maintained for decades (React is updated by Facebook – currently Meta)
    🧷  Easy to maintain code transparency, which, combined with good documentation, makes the project maintainable for any software company and developer
    🧷  Very fast loading application screens – even under 0.5 seconds.
    🧷  Low ongoing maintenance costs

Nebucode guided us through the entire process like a string, offering specific solutions at each stage and seeking answers to our challenges

- CEO, Jakub Gabrychowicz

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